The new iPhone SE might be Apple’s cheapest iPhone, but it still has a glass front and back, which are no less prone to shattering at the first drop. Sure, it’s small and easier to hold one-handed than Apple’s pricier and larger phones, but using a case is a smart way to protect your investment. We’ve tested several, and these are our favorites. We’ve also rounded up a few accessories we like, especially since there’s no charging adapter in the box. 

Keep in mind that the iPhone SE 2022 shares the same dimensions as the 2020 iPhone SE and even the iPhone 8 from 2017, meaning there are a ton of cases available for them if you don’t see one you like here. (You might even be able to use your old one!) Be sure to check out our other buying guides, including the Best iPhone, Best iPhone 13 Cases, Best iPhone 12 Cases, Best MagSafe Accessories, and Best Mobile Camera Gear for more.  

Updated May 2022: We’ve added new cases from Incipio, Kate Spade, and Speck.

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